26 Jun 2018
Day 2 Report

Day 2. T20 Tournament

Game 1 vs. Nelspruit
Nelspruit 117/6 Chislett 4-1/10 Parry 4-2/18 Matai 4-2/25
Northwood 152/3 McIntosh 25 Grace 64*

Northwood won.

During the tournament as a chasing team you are allowed to to but your full 20 Overs, even if you chase the total before the 20 over mark. This is to encourage to chase a bonus point if you reach 150 runs. This is to promote positive batting and for the players to express themselves as a reward for chasing the total down.
Northwood chased the target total of 117 runs in 16 Overs and we were given 4 Overs to get to 150 to get a bonus point. This allowed our batters to push on through their gears and play positively. A special mention to Ethan Grace on a top knock and controlling innings of 64.
Scott parry and Saurav Matai bowled superb spells to pick up 2 wickets each.

Game 2 vs. St Benidicts

Northwood 105/4 Grace 27
Chislett 39 Pearce 13
St. Benidicts 109/6 Parry 4-2/28 McCall 3-2/15 Adams 4-1/20

Northwood lost

This was a great game of cricket and there were plenty changes of momentum between the 2 teams. After losing some early wickets, that included Ethan Grace after a short but dominating innings of 27, Adam Chislett and Jason Pearce steadied the innings and put on a great partnership to get us to a respected target of 105. A mention must go out to Alex Jonker and and Jason Pearce on their good running between the wickets in the last 9 balls of the innings and especially with the good energy that Alex came out to play in the last 9 balls.
From the bowlers it was a tough start as St. Benidicts batters came out guns blazing and put our bowlers under pressure and got off to a get start. However our spinners really fought well and Warrick Adams got the breakthrough and with Sam McCall striking in his 2nd and 3rd over to pick up vital withers to shift the momentum in our favor. We let i slip again and with Adam Chislett and Scott Parry coming onto bowl at the death in a high pressure situation to try restric them to under 105. Adam bowled well but with no luck and Scott picked up to wickets to add to the pressure but we were 10 runs short in our total and just lacked some luck. St. Benidicts crossed our total in the 17th over and they really tried to push for the bonus point target of 150 runs. Our bowlers and fielders really fought well here to not allow them to get that bonus point. I must commend the boys on fighting hard hear, as the game was already lost, it can be easy to lose interest and just give up, however, they fought to end and never allowed them to get the bonus point.