24 Jun 2018
Super Over competition report

Day 1 - Sunday 24 June

At 12pm today we saw the full squad arrive promptly and on time at our accommodation in Acacia House, Penryn College. At 12:30we made our way up to the field for the inaugural Penryn 1 over competition.
We were drawn in group 1 along with Penryn Collleg, Randburg and St. Benidicts
We played the opening game vs. Penryn College.
Northwood bowled first and restricted Penryn to 6 runs in the over Penryn 6/0

Adam Chislett 1-0/6
Northwood 9/0
Adam Chislett 8*(4)
David Ohlsson 1*(2)
Northwood win by 10 wickets.

A special mention to David Ohlsson on his incredible running between the wickets to assist Adam in chasing down the total

Game 2 vs. Randburg Northwood 6/2

Alex Jonker 5*(3) Randburg 7/0
Scott Parry 1-0/7
Northwood loose by 10 wickets

Mention must go to Alex Jonker for saving the innings as we lost 2 wickets with him on the non strikers end. A valiant effort from him to get the ball into the gaps with good running. And to Scott Parry for having to defend just 5 runs in the over, he had no luck as the batsmen scored their runs off him with inside edges, that on any other day would’ve been played onto the stumps

Game 3 vs. St Benidicts Northwood 6/1

Adam Chislett 2*(3) Ethan Grace 3*(2)
St. Benidicts 3/2 Saurav Matai 1-2/3

Play of the day goes to the smallest guy with the biggest heart in the team. Saurav Matai bowled his leg Spin under immense pressure to defend just 6 runs in his over. He struck getting a wicket with his first ball, followed by a dot ball and followed by his second wicket, he then held his nerve and composure to close the over with only 3 runs off of it. This was a great example of backing his skill and his teammates belief in him to do so. World class and must be the over and play of the day.

Semi final 1 vs. LVC LVC 4/0

Adam Chislett 1-0/4 Northwood 5/0 Ethan Grace 5*(5)
Ethan took control of this chase in a nice calm matter and showed good maturity to get us over the line

Final vs. St Benidicts

St. Benidicts 16/0

Adam Chislett 1-0/16 Northwood 15/0 Adam Chislett 3*(3) Ethan Grace 8*(5)

A top effort by Adam and Ethan to chase down the biggest total of the day, and with great composure and excellent running between the wickets, they got the team with in 1 run of the game. Unfortunately we just missed out on getting over the line, but a valiant and well fought effort and a never say die attitude.
I felt the boys conducted themselves with great Northwood pride.